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Angela Hannah

I had a reiki session with Linda for the second time, because the first time was so amazing for me! During the session, I felt and saw so many things she later brought up on our call! But even more profound, some of what she said only made sense the day after. I don't have words for how amazing our sessions have been and how grateful I am that she's so good at what she does that she bumps me up a level just connecting with her! I definitely recommend having a Reiki session with her, you'll thank her and yourself.

Melissa Pelcher

Linda is a phenomenal Reiki Practitioner! Words cannot express the energy movement that I felt during our session. Everyday since, I have witnessed my creative side opening up more and more. It has been absolutely wonderful! She also gave me a reading that was spot on. I am excited to go back and continue reiki sessions with her in the future.

Jane B-Eyre

If you find yourself thinking or feeling like something has to change, there has to be a better way, I'm tired of being tired or I feel emotionally stuck, emotionally/spiritually heavy, or just don't know what else to do? If you're like me, you know you've been working on pursuing your higher self and done A lot of work in personal healing and growth, yet still feel stagnant. Like there's a huge hurdle you've no idea how to overcome. Your energies have attracted you to Linda's gifts and abilities for a reason. Linda creates a safe, welcoming and loving space inviting you to have a candid conversation with your higher self, all while translating any divine messages you need to hear. While her gifts and abilities are in the heavens, Linda's approach is down to earth.

Erica Flinch

I first noticed Linda's Facebook postings over a longer period last summer, and they resonated with me. I then found her webpage, and thought I would love a session with her, but I live in Europe, so I was a bit skeptical about if it would work, could work, considering both technology and the time difference. But there was no need to worry, we've been working together for almost 6 months, usually every second week, with different topics- from reiki to ability development. I really love our sessions, and I am so grateful for the technology that makes it possible, even though we are on opposite sides of the world. Linda is not only gifted, she is also a fantastic teacher and mentor. I can warmly recommend working with her, regardless of the topic.

Jane Stanton

I can't recommend Linda's services highly enough, as she has been invaluable to my growth along my spiritual journey. She brings me messages from my higher self and has once released an attachment of an unwanted spirit. I also took her Mediumship course and it was brilliant.  Her meditations with the angels really open you up to the next level, a very exciting experience.  Her gifts come from the heart and she truly loves what she does.


Lisa Wimsatt

I had an amazing Reiki past life session with Linda today and would recommend to anyone looking to heal and realign with their higher selves.

Melinda Bush

Truly, one of the best readings I've ever had. I learned some deep insights into where I am currently on my journey, and how to proceed & grow spiritually. She gave me some tools & steps that I can begin to do the work to help my growth. Sometimes we all 2nd guess ourselves, rather than trusting that still small voice and following through on that 1st thought.  I became more aware of specific ideas, people, & patterns that I need to rid myself of to begin a new chapter in my life.  I have never really thought about asking my guardian angel for help.  I highly recommend having a reading for some clarity in your life.  I look forward to having another reading from her, after I practice some of the tools I've been given.  Reach out to her and you won't regret it, you'll definitely get the truth!

Ron Sherman

As a rescue medium I've helped earthbound entities cross over for 30 years. I have tons of experience and know how to protect myself in most cases. However, there is a war between the light and the dark, and for every technique we develop to protect ourselves the dark finds a way around it. Recently I had been struggling it started as a spiritual block, then grew into physical and mental problems. I have been having difficulty sleeping, either I couldn't sleep or the dreams and nightmares we so strong I woke up exhausted. I mentioned my problem to Linda and she asked if she could do a reiki session on me. I said yes. That very night I had the best sleep in a long time, I'm a little embarrassed to say that I slept until 11am and woke up rested. Linda cleared some nasty attachments from me and revitalized my energy. I can now start focusing on helping others. The moral of the story is that no matter how much experience or knowledge you have you will need someone like Linda MacMillan to help you. I recommend Linda whole-heartedly.  She works with knowledge, confidence, love and light, and she really does care. Thank you again Linda!

Daniel King

What an amazing and impactful experience!!! I cannot even attempt to write in words what happened during my reiki session with Linda. She is thoughtful, and absolutely blessed with an ability. No matter what you think, you can't pass a session up. I feel pounds lighter!

Cristina Aroche

Thank you so much Linda for the beautiful angelic reiki healing I received.  Linda has an amazing connection with spirit and I feel so grateful to have been able to experience her gifts! The energy I felt was powerful and I felt so peaceful after the session. I would definitely recommend her!

Christine Kissamis

 I had a violet flame reiki session with Linda and I will never forget the tremendous amount of healing my body and soul received from Linda during just one session. I was amazed! The next morning I was ready to conquer the world and face all my fears with a new determination and confidence that Linda was able to provide not only healing but guidance too. If you haven't tried a session you must! It's so worthwhile and you won't be disappointed. I'm definitely signing up for more sessions.

Lindsey Carland

Linda is amazing!!! If you're looking for a gifted medium/clairvoyant or reiki practitioner, look no further. I have seen Linda for multiple services and I can honestly depend on my experience to be honest, cleansing and positive every time. Linda makes you feel comfortable and safe. I believe this is because who she is naturally. I always leave my session feeling grounded and have so much insight. Linda is fantastic at helping you clearly understand the feelings and messages from the divine, this makes me feel so joyful, like 
I have something to work towards to truly better my life/soul experience. 

Francie Collins

Linda is a truly gifted and beautiful being. She helped me get clear on what I need to focus on and made some predictions that have already manifested. Thank you so much for your help and insight.

Bhakti Sasya

Celticfires Medium Clairvoyant - Linda MacMillan thank you for all that you do. You have made such a difference in my life. Thank you for supporting me on my spiritual journey without judgement. The reiki, readings and past life regression has been invaluable. Teaching me to ground myself has changed my life, and I work each day to maintain it. I leave my monthly session to you and you know exactly what to do.  I am forever grateful for all that you have done. I implore you to reach out and learn what  Linda can do for you.

Lisa Williams

Linda is one of earth's angels, sharing her gifts to help those of us looking for guidance. Thank you for an excellent reading. Namaste

Kassandra Batchelor

There's such a difference when a medium connects only to what is the highest light and love. I'm so incredibly grateful that Linda only works that way.

Red Cook

The reading I received was so spot on it gave me goose bumps! I never gave a reason for why I asked for the reading and when I heard the message it answered the very questions that were in my mind.

Jane Stanson

About a week ago I had a soul fragment retrieval session with Linda wow! I've been working on myself for a while and couldn't go any further, I felt stuck. Linda was able to bring back the parts of me that were lost long ago, she integrated them back into my whole being. The shift was huge! I feel more confident, mature & in my own power, and I know it's here to stay. Her work is amazing and very valuable to anyone who is serious about self growth. I will be forever grateful for this shamanic healing.

Lynn Simon

 I highly recommend a reading from Linda, she was spot on with what was going on in my life. Answers from my guardian angel along with some Archangels helped me tremendously. They knew exactly what I was going through & what I needed to do to help myself get through it. This was amazing!

Gary Annis

In the time I have known clairvoyants, I had big questions as to the information they put out. This is the 1st time ever, I can say everything I have received from this site is right on the button. Linda offers many services, reiki included. I am so pleased to have found this site and hope you all give it a try. I know you'll be as pleased as I am.

Holly ONeil

Are you looking for some assistance from someone one with impeccable honor, integrity, honesty and accuracy? Linda has an incredible gift. I highly recommend her for anything you might be seeking. The knowledge, skill, healing and advise she gives is nothing short of transformational.

Claudia Quinn

Thank you Linda! You are amazing! The channeled information from the Archangels & my higher-self was exactly the guidance I am looking for, everything was so correct to what I'm going through. Your channeling was simple for me to follow and understand. I could feel the love coming through from above plus I have your recording that I keep playing over & referring to. I will definitley be in touch again soon.

Christi Baugh Ferrill

Amazing!! Just amazing!! First of all I had been praying to Archangel Michael to clear my path & that was the 1st crack out of the box on this reading. Then it was just a perfect flow reflecting on exactly what is happening in my life circumstances right now. It's funny because I already know these things that I need to do to move forward, but to hear it from someone else in this manner just is simply amazing. The reading provided such a relief. Precious gift of love, light and truth.

Jessica Schoofs

I've had the pleasure of receiving 2 readings from her and was blown away on how insightful and on target she was. Not only did she ease my mind but she also has an amazing capability to make you feel comfortable. Linda has true gifts and am honored to be a recipient of her talents.

Kim O'Sullivan

Let me start by saying, Linda is such a wonderful person! She tried for awhile to get me in for a reiki session. I am not blessed with any gifts, and felt that it probably wouldn't do anything... but let's give it a whirl. How wrong I was! I had been holding on to some serious anger and resentment issues and just wanted to feel ok again. After an hour with her... I felt lighter in spirit and all the anger and resentment that I was feeling was gone. You won't be disappointed!!!

Jenny Cummins Grassi

She inspires me every day with her positive thoughts and ideas. Thank you

Teri Clonkey

She is Awesome, so many truths she speaks, and knows what is going on in your life. I recommend her!

Alison Puszczewicz

Linda is amazing! She gave me a real sense of peace and understanding. Her reading has helped to guide by focus to a better place.

Sandy Williams

It's so nice to meet a true healer that helps you to help yourself. I started with a reading a few years ago and was blown away by what she was able to tell me. I now have reiki sessions with Linda due to the overall well being I've experienced in every aspect of my life. Thank you for the divine guidance on my own expansion.

Casey Anderson

Linda is extraordinary at what she does. She has been blessed with natural born talents. I have seen her for Reiki and just recently had a reading done. I can't tell you how greatly blessed I am to have found her. The clarity I have of my own life is all because of the miracles she has embraced. I can't even explain how knowledgeable she is, she has taught me so much in the two sessions we've had. Anyways she's the real deal and I will continue to see her for years to come! Thank you Linda!

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